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“Always be a first-rate version of yourself, instead of a second-rate version of someone else”

– J.Garland –

Whether it’s picking a career, changing a career, or developing a career, the process starts with understanding what drives you, who you are and what you are undoubtedly good at!

Exploring your drivers, professional interests, core genius and personality through coaching, personal reflection and assessments gives you a framework for evaluating job opportunities, preparing for any selection interview, and making wise, challenging and conscious decisions.

Once you have defined your career path, you can then move on to the next steps: developing your self-branding!

Nowadays, active job seekers and mobile employees have marketable skills and drive their careers from the front seat. My commitment is to help you improve your marketability and land a desirable job more faster. How? By helping you to create your personal branding using multiple touchpoints, to rev up your resume and Linkedin profile, and finally to get prepared for interviews to score goals!

Moreover, I will guide and challenge your job search strategy for a better match with the local market demand.



The personality questionnaire is always an inspiring discovery of yourself. Understanding the Myers-Briggs concepts of Personality Type helps you to pick a career field that is a good fit for your personality make-up, to better manage job challenges and, most importantly to continue on the path of personal growth.The questionnaire will be available for you online. We will then have a 2-hour debriefing session on your results and deeply explore the facets of your unique personality. You will end up with a comprehensive report that marks the start for your declaration of excellence and personal growth curve.


The CV and Linkedin profile are still the key elements of your personal brand. If you also want to bring them to new heights, be informed of the latest trends in the market and get out of the crowd, act now! Send me your most recent resume or invite me to view your LinkedIn profile for a first feedback. From there, we will decide the steps needed to improve your self-branding tools and maximize your success on the job market.


How to answer the question: “Tell me about you”, how to master tricky questions that tap right into your weakness and pitfalls? How to get back on your feet after years without facing selection interview? “To be number one, you have to train like you’re number two … the better you feel and the more you will use your talent to produce outstanding results.” – Anthony Robbins. There is nothing more true. The key to success is to practice, practice, and practice. Call me for an interview simulation by phone or face-to- face.


Job search can indeed be an overwhelming process, but also fun-filled and very creative when you think out of the box. My first question for you will be: “What have you not yet tried that should promote your job search?” You can spend time doing more of the same without success or doing differently with reward. I will help you identify several job search strategies and make sure that the most appealing strategy works for you.

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