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Realize your expat life

Wherever you go, go with all your heart.

– Confucius –


Expatriation is both exciting and intense for Expat Spouses when they relocate to a new country. Beyond to adjust to the day-to- day life, learn the local language and understand the do’s and don’t of the host country, people taking the challenge of living and working abroad will face a diverse set of personal, social and professional identity challenges. Many evidences of previous Expat surveys demonstrated that Expatriates try to pursue three goals simultaneously: expatriation, love and career. Maintain a dual career can be a tremendous challenge, and for young people or parents who are trying to socialize and develop their “sense of self” these challenges can become overwhelming.

My Expat Coaching program will offer you on-going guidance and support to develop a healthy balance between your individual and social needs, your career objectives, and the intercultural demands. Boosting your self- confidence, setting goals and providing solid foundations to create the life you envision, will be the central focus in my work with you.

I offer Expat Coaching program wherever you are in Asia (China, Japan, Southeast Asia), irrespective of the length of the expatriation. It can be carried out at the request of the expatriate or the Spouse’s employer. As an Expat partner, you can decide for yourself to be accompanied through the different stages of your adjustment to your new life in a new country. As an Employer or HR Manager, you can decide to offer your Expatriate’s Spouse the best chances to succeed in the relocation challenges.

Each Active Expat Coaching program is unique and covers as many components as necessary:

  • Cope with “cultural shock” and “change”, develop successful strategies for balanced integration
  • Strengthen your self-confidence and connect with the Power of You ™ to create the life abroad you envision
  • Break with isolation and learn how to rebuild your social network
  • Set goals for a successful life abroad, build strong foundations to achieve your aspirations, put yourself in meaningful and inspired motion and celebrate your success at each step
  • Redeploy your career abroad, use your inner talents or create your “portable career”
  • Find the right balance between your different “roles” (social, family, professional)
  • Zap self-limiting beliefs like “I am not a person who … I can not do … I am not like those gifted people for…” and learn how to tap into your inner resources and unlock your creativity.
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