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Immerse yourself in the world of possibilities and give yourself a try!

Make the most of your life abroad and seize this opportunity to achieve all that truly matters to you.


Immerse yourself in the world of possibilities and give yourself a try!

Make the most of your life abroad and seize this opportunity to achieve all that truly matters to you.

As a professional coach and change agent, I trust that you CAN DO ANYTHING you truly desire to achieve as long as you know yourself, believe in yourself and keep yourself IN MOTION. Of course, these 3 commitments are challenging and we all need support at different stages of our life to be fully engaged in our personal growth and exceed our aspirations. – Fabienne

With the ActiveTransition Journey™, you will look at the experience abroad as a catalyst for change, an occasion for revealing your talents and a unique opportunity to exhibit the individual you want to become.

With the ActiveTransition Journey™, you move:

  • From today to tomorrow: where you are now and what changes you envision for yourself. By reflecting freely, out of the box, you will visualize how tomorrow can be.
  • From you to the Power of you™: who you are and what you do best. By focusing your Power, mastering your core genius, you will regain confidence in your unique set of talents, build up your strengths and reach your highest potential.
  • From obstacles to opportunities: what your options are. By exploring what holds you back from embracing the change, you will build the right foundations to achieve your aspirations, take ownership of your career or any kind of projects that matters for you, and create your own opportunities.
  • From reflection to action: how you go from Thinking to Doing. By committing to goal setting and drawing a motivating action plan, you will manage your mind set, do everything possible to challenge the status quo and allow yourself to take off.
  • From lives to integrated and balanced life: why you do what you do. By discovering your mission in life and the “drivers” that bring you satisfaction and happiness at work and in each important area of your life, you will be able to reach self-fulfillment abroad and anywhere you go.

“Fabienne is a natural leader and advocate. She is nurturing but directional and goal oriented when working with clients. She is organized and effective. Very good time management and resourceful.”

Julia, Healthcare Manager – Nanjing, China / Smoothen Your Transition

“Coaching helped me question myself on my career ambitions and see how to reach my objectives. Having not worked over the past 10 years I had totally lost confidence in my skills and my professional abilities and I had absolutely no idea how I could value and talk about the activities I had undertaken since I had quit my job. Thanks to your constant support, I have been able to set my priorities and define which activities I would be happy to have as an expatriate. You also helped me become more aware of my skills and aptitudes and you pushed me to mention activities I had thought were of lesser interest and therefore underestimated. In short, you helped me set an action plan in order to get back on track to re-enter the professional world. A few months after our coaching, I can proudly say that the results are extremely positive. I now work on a regular basis as a cross cultural consultant.”

Mireille, Senior Consultant – China / Create and Expand your Career Abroad

“Fabienne is a great coach. She helped me kick-start my job search in Shanghai, structure my approach and widen my network. She is not only very knowledgeable of the local job market, but Fabienne can also provide you with lots of different useful tips and tools, include great resume reviews. Thank you Fabienne!”

Lorraine, Chief Strategy Office – Shanghai – China / Realize your Expat Life, Career Consultancy

“The coaching journey helped me to clarify my professional intentions, make difficult decision and consider a real step change in my career. I was very grateful to have her HR competencies to help me drawing an efficient resume, which led me to convince recruiters on my skill set. I would recommend to anyone to experience such support.”

Marc, CEO at one of the largest FMCG multinational – Belgium / Create your Career, Career Consultancy

“Thank you dear, you coached me so beautifully.”

Rachna, Head Sustainability – India / Realize your Expat Life

“Fabienne Hansoul has been leading the Shanghai coaching circle with great professionalism for the past 2 years. She has brought it to another level of collaboration, diversity and business development focus making it a key platform for the international and Chinese coaches in Shanghai. Fabienne with her extensive corporate HR experience as well as her background in psychology and her multiple geographical experiences is an excellent coach, very structured, business focus yet deep with great experience in cross-cultural business environments. I warmly recommend Fabienne for her coaching and leadership skills.”

Cecile, Coach, Trainer, Facilitator, Asia (Support to the coaching community)

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